Competing Chefs


This year brings a blend of Top Chefs alumni and new competitors hoping to bring in a win for their supporting restaurant. Cityview wants to thank the restaurants who support these chefs in this competition.


Competing Chefs

Alex Gass

The Walnut Kitchen

Chef Alex is an Oak Ridge native who has been cooking since he was a child. Local farms and ingredients are important elements when creating his menus.

Annie Fletcher

Cazzy's Corner Grill

Chef Annie has been an artist her entire life, and cooking became a way for her to use her art on a plate. Her menus always begin with her sketchbook.

Damon Smith

Dancing Bear Appalachian Bistro

Chef Damon always new he wanted to be involved in the arts. Cooking allowed him to be himself, and he's inspired by the like-minded individuals around him.

Deron Little

Season's Innovative Bar & Grille

Chef Deron has been a chef for the last 43 years. He is inspired by the seasons and creates his menu based on what is available seasonally. 

Jared Martin


Chef Jared, an Athens native, has been in a kitchen since he was 16. His unique menus come from his desire to make patrons happy while dining.

Jeff Carter


Chef Jeff has been cooking for the last 25 years, inspired by the food, the art of cooking, and the opportunity to serve others through seasonal menus. 

Jonathan Gatlin


Chef Jonathan has been inside restaurant kitchens for the last 21 years, feeling always that the kitchen is a team. He is inspired by the opportunity to coach.

Robert McDonald III

Bistro by the Tracks

Chef Robert is a Knoxville native who started in kitchens at the age of 9. Bringing happiness to the public through his menus is the goal for this local chef.